Fiber and Copper Cable Assembly & Wire Harness Assembly

Federal Electronics has been a supplier of copper and fiber optic interconnect assemblies for over 50 years. We can help your company develop the right cable assembly for your mission-critical, high-mix and high-complexity project. From manufacturing simple jumpers to 1200 wiring harnesses and military and medical-grade custom cable assemblies, our manufacturing processes are capable of accommodating a broad range of material and product types.

Wire Harness Assembly

Cable Assembly and Wire Assembly for OEMs

  • Wire sizes from 500 MCM through 38 AWG across multiple wire types
  • Semi-automated and fully automated wire processing equipment guarantees precise wire lengths and crimps
  • Every assembly, regardless of size or volume, is minimally tested electrically for continuity, with hi-pot and insulation resistance tests available where required
  • Fiber optic processes accommodate a wide array of military termini and industrial connectors, as well as plastic/glass, single/multimode, and multi-fiber/ribbon fiber
  • Fiber optic testing options include back reflection, insertion loss, and end-face geometry on a non-contact interferometer
  • Robust Assembly Process Instructions (APIs), Quality Control Plans (QCPs)and assembly/test fixtures ensure lot-to-lot repeatability and consistent compliance with your specifications across all assembly types

As with all of our capabilities, Federal excels at the most challenging, complex assemblies, including those with limited available documentation or requiring the development of customized processes.

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