Providing comprehensive solutions for your most challenging outsourcing requirements

When someone asks what we do at Federal Electronics, the easy answer is, “We're a build-to-print manufacturer of custom electronic assemblies." But ultimately, we are first and foremost a service organization. If we’re having a dialogue, you’re already considering an alternate approach to your production strategy, whether it’s adding to your existing supply chain, moving away from a current supplier, or outsourcing from your facility for the first time. While selecting a partner who can manufacture to your requirements is crucial for your success, this is just one of many critical questions that must be answered. Is your product demand dynamic, or even volatile? Are you experiencing shorter product life cycles? Do you frequently change product configurations? Are your products subjected to stringent quality requirements or regulations? The combination of all of these questions, and others, requires a comprehensive solution.

Simplifying complexity, one solution at a time

While these challenges may be common to many customers, no single solution will work for everyone. Federal Electronics' business model was specifically designed with these types of complexities in mind.  After taking the time to understand your unique circumstances, we develop a total service solution that addresses every critical element of your outsourcing strategy, from manufacturability and product quality, to flexible supply chains, cost containment and reduction procedures, and value-added engineering. Leveraging decades of experience, our business model is specifically designed to solve the most difficult outsourcing challenges.