The industrial manufacturing market covers a wide variety of diverse segments, such as factory automation, material handling, semiconductor capital equipment, and controller devices. While product types and complexity can differ greatly, most OEMs are faced with similar challenges, including increased pressure to reduce costs and decrease time-to-market while managing high rates of product change. Federal Electronics’ ISO 9001:2008 registered industrial electronics manufacturing services ensure that product is delivered on time and to your specifications. This helps minimize your total liability and maintains the flexibility to adjust to volatile demand requirements.

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Industrial Electronics Applications include:

  • Cargo and vehicle inspection
  • Semiconductor ion implantation equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Digital signal processing equipment
  • Semiconductor factory automation
  • High-performance motion controllers
  • Personnel inspection systems
  • Air purifying respirator
  • Parcel and baggage inspection
  • Semiconductor lithography equipment
  • High-resolution industrial-grade digital imaging systems
  • High-power fiber laser material processing systems

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