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Comprehensive solutions for complex outsourcing challenges

Federal Electronics is an EMS company that recognizes that a comprehensive solution must touch upon more than just manufacturing expertise. It must include:

  • Advanced planning systems to create raw material pipelines that flex with the latest demand signals.
  • Robust process design and implementation procedures that bring new products to market quickly and efficiently while also addressing existing product redesigns with a high degree of agility.
  • Supply chain strategies that align your requirements with “right-sized” qualified suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • Automated administrative systems that produce actionable results, on a daily basis, in response to a complex, ever-changing environment.

Federal Electronics’ total solution approach to complex outsourcing challenges is built upon a foundation of success implementing hundreds of projects, incorporating thousands of unique part numbers, over decades of serving the OEM manufacturing industry. Let us put our expertise as an electronics manufacturer to work for you.

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