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At Federal Electronics, we have over seventy years of experience as an electronics manufacturing services provider. Whatever your challenges, we can create a specialized solution specific to your needs. Check out a few of our past solutions and resources.


DoD Releases FY17 Numbers, Revealing Major Concerns for Defense Contractors' Internal Suppliers

On April 12, 2018, the Department of Defense released their annual report outlining the United States’ industrial capabilities for FY17. While the defense sector is financially outperforming the broader U.S. equity market, several underlying trends such as component obsolescence, loss of production capacity and a highly skilled workforce, and  fluctuating demand threaten the sector’s industrial manufacturing base, limiting innovation and U.S. competitiveness.

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ResourcesThe EMS Provider's Critical Role In New Product Introduction

The market research is complete. Customer preferences and expectations have been defined. Conceptual design has been validated and the product has been deemed to be viable (deliverable to the market at the right cost, with the right availability, at the appropriate time). Now it’s time to turn the concept into reality. But you must get the product to the customer before a market inflection, such as the introduction of disruptive technology or a price war by a competitor, essentially obsoletes your new design before it ever hits the streets.

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Cost Efficient Manufacturing For Military and Aerospace Products

For military manufacturers, the conventional acquisition process has evolved into a bloated bureaucracy, replete with red tape and inefficiency, much of which has found its way into the business processes of defense and aerospace prime contractors. With less money available, military programs are sending clear messages to their suppliers — we love your product and we love your technology, but if you can’t reduce the costs to fit within our budget, we won’t buy them.

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7 Things You Must Know Before Selecting an EMS Partner

Selecting an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partner is a decision fraught with risk. Each year, original equipment manufacturers spend billions of dollars outsourcing electronics production, and a large part of these expenditures is wasted. Why? Because selecting the wrong supplier can lead to significant problems in terms of cost, product quality, and customer retention for OEMs. Learn why customers across many industries choose Federal Electronics to provide a reliable, high quality solution to their electronic contract manufacturing needs.

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Choosing the Right EMS Provider for Medical Product Outsourcing

If you think selecting an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partner is a challenging endeavor, consider the ramifications of outsourcing medical device components and systems. Medical device OEMs must balance the need for consistent quality and conformance to product and regulatory requirements with the equally essential need to get new products to market quickly and efficiently.

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