Industrial Control Panels


Industrial Control Panels (ICPs) are defined as an assembly of two or more power circuit components, control circuit components, or any combination of the two according to National Electrical Code (NEC) Section 409.2.

Building electrical control cabinets in house can be a drain on your company’s resources. With decades of experience supporting multiple industries, Federal Electronics can assemble your custom control panel while also managing the full supply chain. With 70 years of industry experience, Federal’s team of manufacturing engineers and custom fabrication suppliers are equipped to handle everything from a simple power panel or termination box to complex power distribution units (PDUs) and very large control cabinets.

Federal Electronics is a UL 508A certified panel builder with full systems integration capabilities including in-house circuit card assembly and wire harness assembly. Stringent quality controls including testing of subassemblies and final assembly position Federal as a control panel shop with a unique value proposition.

With locations in the US and Mexico, manufacturing location optionality and flexibility can be considered in a low-cost region (LCR) without sacrificing quality. Full assembly can be done in either, or both locations, for regionalized supply chains close to end customers. A hybrid solution, such as high labor content wire harness assembled in Mexico and final assembly completed the US, is also a unique proposition that keeps final assembly domestic while significantly reducing costs.

Industrial Control Panel Capabilities

  • Complete turn key solutions
  • In-house testing
  • Prefab NEMA cabinets or custom build to print enclosures
  • UL 508A certified
  • Volumes ranging from 10-1000+ EAU
  • Custom Kanban Programs
  • Material bonding agreements
  • Limited liability agreements

Unique Benefits from Federal

  • Converting point to point wiring into harnesses increases efficiency.
  • Manufacturing harnesses in Mexico decreases costs
  • Vertically integrated with PCBA capabilities decreases costs
  • Highly flexible hybrid model adjusts to your needs
    • High labor content harness built in MX, final assembly & test in the US
    • Entire PDU built in either location
  • As a panel builder, economies of scale for components decreases costs
  • US based program management and customer service
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