Developing, Manufacturing & Fulfilling your custom Prototype Assembly

Delivering your custom Prototype Assembly


Having participated in hundreds of new product introductions over the years, we recognize that our customers value two elements in a prototype process: speed and a high tolerance for ambiguity and change. It is also the time when our customers are most receptive to substantive changes in the design, such as those that improve manufacturability and reduce cost. We keep these considerations front and center when developing your custom prototype assembly.

Coordinating activity across multiple suppliers can be a time-consuming process. Our vertical integration model allows for consolidation of quick-turn cables, harnesses and higher level prototype assemblies under one roof, simplifying and streamlining the development process. Providing DFx feedback early in the process ensures that your products are designed for optimal manufacturability at the lowest possible cost. Our engineering support services also create red-lined or modified drawings (within your drawing format) as changes are proposed and accepted, eliminating the strain on your technical resources to update documentation. Find out why you should trust Federal with your next prototype assembly.

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