Electronics Manufacturing

Whether you’re currently building your product in-house or you acquire it from an EMS provider, changing your source of supply introduces uncertainty and risk. While every electronics manufacturing project has its own challenges, they often share a common theme:  specifications are incomplete, incorrect, and product rarely if ever complies with whatever documentation is available. This creates an often unanticipated drain on your engineering resources.

Our Electronics Manufacturing Process

As an electronics manufacturing services provider with hundreds of projects under our belt, we’ve developed systems and procedures to ensure that your resourcing efforts proceed quickly with minimal impact on your technical community. From box builds to printed circuit boards to high level assemblies, we've created our electronics manufacturing processes around our clients' timelines and bottom lines.

We call it our Product/Process Transfer Protocol (PPTP), which includes consideration of the following:

Co-Builds: for products being outsourced for the first time, we’ll leverage your institutional knowledge by building side-by-side with your team.

Quality Data Review: reviewing the product history for quality non-conformances ensures that “lessons learned” are incorporated in our processes.

“Golden” Samples: to bridge the gap between documentation and the actual product (finished product, as well as custom-fabricated components).

Documentation Updates: we’ll create red-lined drawings that reflect approved changes found during our First Article process, ready for release in one ECO.

Federal’s vertical integration business model is specifically designed for low-to-mid volume, high mix and high complexity markets. Leveraging our near-shore facility in Mexico allows us to bring products to market quicker without sacrificing cost reduction opportunities.

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