Supply Chain & Logistics

Our Flexible, Integrated Supply Chain

Giving you a cost-competitive supply chain advantage

Today’s competitive global marketplace demands that OEMs have the right product available at the right time, or risk losing market share to more nimble competitors. Higher inventory turns, shorter product life cycles, and expectations for increased agility are just some of the factors that make a flexible and scalable integrated supply chain a critical part of their success.

At Federal Electronics, our supply chain management system is an integral part of our cost competitive advantage. The combination of people, processes, and software creates a highly responsive system that captures changing customer demand on a daily basis and distills it through multi-level, complex Bills of Material down to each discrete component, sub-assembly, and top-level assembly. We execute a full regeneration of our MRP and finite capacity scheduling software on a nightly basis, realigning resources and identifying material bottlenecks or capacity constraints. We recognize that our customers’ demand cycles require scale-ability in both directions, and our vertically integrated supply chain is equipped to handle them. Our ability to accelerate the material and capacity pipeline is equally matched by our ability to slam the brakes when required, minimizing financial exposure.

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